See How many Indian and Pakistani showbiz people are Relatives in Real Life

Pakistani roots of Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri

In Bollywood, Nargis Fakhri is a well-known figure. In the now-cult classic movie Rockstar, she made her acting debut opposite Ranbir Kapoor. Everyone still remembers her as Heer, and her Bollywood debut catapulted her into stardom. Since then, she has starred in a number of films and has consistently been appreciated for her attractiveness. Also, Nargis appeared in a number of Pakistani advertisements.

In an interview, Nargis Fakhri disclosed that she was born in Pakistan. She discussed the confusion that arises when a person of mixed ethnicity grows up not knowing who they are. She was born in New York City, her mother was from the Czech Republic, and her father was from Pakistan. As a result, she constantly felt that there wasn’t enough brown or white.

See How many Indian and Pakistani showbiz people are Relatives in Real Life



Here we will discuss which Pakistani celebrities forefathers belong to Bollywood industry? Mostly people don’t know that Pakistani and Indian celebrities are strongly interrelated with each other. In Bollywood industry, there are few celebrities their ancestors belong to Pakistan. In this post, we will discuss few Pakistani celebrities that their forefathers belong to Bollywood industry.

1.On number 1st, we want to mention that the uncle of Faisal Rehman named as Rehman was the legend actor of Bollywood industry.Faisal Rehman’s another brother is in industry too named Fasih ur rehman.
2.Secondly, well known and popular Pakistani actress Samiya Mumtaz is the grand niece of Zuhra Sehgal. We want to mention that Zuhra Sehgal is a legendary actress of Indian film industry.

3.Moreover, Indian actress Jiya Khan is the niece of Pakistani actress Sangeeta.

4.If we talk about Pakistani celebrities their forefathers belong to Bollywood industry then we should mention that Nelofar Abbasi and Tabu are cousins.Shabana Azmi is khala of Tabu too.
5. legendary Bollywood actor Naseer Ud Din Shah is cousin of Syed Kamal.Naseer Uddin shah is father vivan shah young actor from happy new year

6. What a find for old bolly/lollywood trivia junkie like me. A few more that I can think of are
Zakir Hussain the famous Tabla player who has also acted in a couple of Bollywood films is Roohi Bano’s half brother
7. Sahira Kazmi’s biological father Shyam was an actor in pre partition era who tragically died on the set of a film at a very young age.
8.Actor Sajid Hasan’s chacha Iftikhar was a famous character actor in the1970s acting in many films featuring Amitabh Bachan.
9. Kamal Amrohi the director of Pakeeza and more famously Meena Kumaris husband was cousin brother of poets Raees Amrohvi and Jaun Ellia.
10.Zia Sarhadi father of renowed actor Khayyam Sarhadi and grandfather of model/actor Zhalay Sarhadi was a legendary script writer and director during the golden era of bollywood contributing to the writing of the immortal Mother India
11.Salma Agha is related to the Kapoor family.
12.Junaid Jamshed , Humayun Jamshed , Sherry Jahangir (of Jinnah Se Quaid-i-Azam fame) and Aly Khan are cousins in real life
13. Amir khan is also relative of Ayesha Fazli Ali Zafar’s amir khan,imran khan and ayesha fazli are relatives
14.chairman PCB sheheryar khan and saif ali khan are cousins too.

15 . Juhi Chawla, on her official Twitter account, posted a picture of herself sitting with her family members.

“I’m Karachi with family .. My aunt , cousins , nieces., nephews .. Super fun ..!!”, the tweet read.