Shuja Asad, the charismatic actor gaining popularity in dramas, shares a few real-life pictures

Shuja Asad, the charismatic actor gaining popularity in dramas, shares a few real-life pictures

Shuja Asad is a rising Pakistani model and actor who has gained popularity through the hit drama serial “Khaie.” He made his debut in Ary Digital’s series “Pyar Deewangi Hai” alongside Neelam Muneer and played a significant role in “Bandish 2.” Additionally, Shuja was part of Green Entertainment’s project “College Gate.”

In a recent appearance on Something Haute’s talk show “Haute Talk” with Amna Isani, Shuja Asad shared details about his marriage and his experience working on the drama serial “Khaie.”

Regarding his marriage, Shuja mentioned, “I got married in 2019, during the fifth month after the onset of COVID-19. I tied the knot at the age of 24, and I am happily married; it has been five years since my marriage.”

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Reflecting on his role in “Khaie,” Shuja shared, “I was fortunate to portray Barlas Khan. I always put my best efforts into projects that I like. I ensure to audition for roles until I secure them. Many individuals auditioned for Barlas Khan. While Wajahat sir initially offered me Pameer, I expressed my interest in playing Barlas Khan. After auditioning and receiving approval, I was selected for the role. The response from the audience has been overwhelming, and my DMs are filled with praise.”





Shuja Asad mentioned marriage, saying, “I got Nikahfied in 2019.” This occurred in the fifth month following the COVID-19 pandemic. After I was Nikahfied, the COVID occurred. At the age of 24, I tied the knot. After five years of marriage, I am contentedly married.

He stated, “I was fortunate to get Barlas Khan, but I make sure to put all my efforts into whatever project I like.” in reference to getting Khaie. Until I acquire it, I make sure to do as many auditions as I can. Barlas Khan received a number of auditions. Wajahat Sir offered me Pameer, but I persuaded him to give it to me after he told me about Barlas Khan, so I went and got it after the auditions. My audition was accepted, and it took place. I was contacted about the idea. I’m feeling really overwhelmed, the public is responding well to me, and my direct messages are overflowing with compliments. This is the video’s link: