Meet Nimra Bucha Ace Actress And Her Husband Muhammad Hanif Internationally Acclaimed Writer

Nimra Bucha husband graduated from Pakistan Air Force Academy as a pilot officer, but subsequently left to pursue a career in journalism. He initially worked for Newsline and wrote for The Washington Post and India Today. He is a graduate of the University of East Anglia. In 1996, he moved to London to work for the BBC. Later, he became the head of the BBC’s Urdu service in London. Muhammad Hanif is famous for his book called Dictator’s wife based on army dictator ship in country. It was actually a satire on situation of country.
Nimra Bucha dont need any introduction but she become highlight on tv after she appear on ary digitals’s Daam in which she played the character of a responsible sister. Now she won award at Uk Asian film festival for her performance in Kamli the film.