The Great Pakistani Legend Faisal Rehman Family And Life Facts

Brothers Faisal And Fasih Rehman’s Life Facts



Faisal Rehman and Fasih Rehman both brother become famous for their acting and dancing skills. Faisal is seasoned and successful tv film actor. Fasih Rehman is classical kathak dancer who got pride of performance award also.
They are four brothers including Ata Rehman, Asad Rehman, Faisal Rehman and Fasih Rehman. Their family is basically Persian who migrated to India and then to Pakistan after partition.
Faisal ‘s grand mother was princess of Kabul . Her name was Fatima and she was called princess Fatima of Kabul . Faisal’s uncle Rehman is famous actor based in india .
Faisal Rehman’s eldest brother Ata died due to cancer . Fasih went to USA to teach others about kathak dance and he got training from biggest kathak dancer in history of Pakistan was Maharaj.


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