Thing You Need To Know About Laila Wasti Journey From Studying In Los Angeles USA To Pakistan

Thing You Need To Know About Laila Wasti Journey From Studying In Los Angeles USA To Pakistan

Fahad Rehmani, born on June 12th in Karachi, Pakistan, hails from a family with a civil engineering background—his father, Shamsi Rehmani, being a civil engineer. Growing up in Pakistan, Fahad attended HPS Public School, DHA School, and P.E.C.H.S College.

His journey into the drama industry commenced in the early 2000s, where Fahad started as a “Spotboy”. Over time, he worked with various directors and production houses, initially serving as a second assistant and assistant director. Eventually, his dedication led him to become an associate director for HUM TV (Moomal Productions).

Fahad’s versatility extends beyond directing, as he also ventured into acting and featured in music videos, including those for Strings and Shazia Mansour. He showcased his directorial skills in drama series like ‘Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat’ for Indus TV and gained recognition with ‘Guriya Ka Ghar’ on the same channel. Later, he served as a producer/director for TV films and shows at Aaj TV.

Fahad’s career took him between the United States and Pakistan, where he contributed to various projects, including his notable voiceover work in ‘Medal of Honor: Warfight’.

In 2017, Fahad’s talent was fully recognized as he took on the dual roles of lead actor and director in the drama ‘Terray Bina’. His prominence soared further with his involvement in the drama series ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’, which was shot in the USA.

In 2017, he played the lead role of Sikander in the emotional drama ‘Bilqees Urf Bitto’. The same year, he portrayed the Casanova Umar in the romantic comedy TV film ‘Teri Meri Kahani’. Additionally, Fahad appeared in the mystery series ‘Dhund’ as the character Kashif.

In 2018, he played Tabraiz in the negative role in the drama ‘Kalish’ on Geo TV, and later that year, he featured in ‘Baydardi’ on Ary Digital.

Laila Wasti is coming in drama serial Sakoon along with beautiful cast which includes Sana Javed, Ahsan Khan and others. Laila Wasti is so graceful and loved personality of Pakistani dramas. People sometimes say that the mother character playing actress Laila seems so beautiful than the lead actress playing her daughter.

Laila Wasti is a Pakistani actress and director. She is known for her roles in dramas Qurban, Dil Ruba, Daldal, Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, Sun Yaara and Dunk.

Early life
Laila was born on 3 June 1977 in Karachi, Pakistan.She completed her studies from Saint Joseph Convent, she graduated with English Literature. Then she went abroad to America. She studied at University of California, Los Angeles, she did masters in filmmaking.Laila’s mother Tahira Wasti and father Rizwan Wasti were actors.

Laila started acting on PTV in 1990s.She was noted for her roles in dramas Eaitraf, Pukaar, Saibaan, Operation Dwarka 1965, Heer Waris Shah and Eendhan, Badlon Par Basera. She also appeared in dramas Sun Yaara along with Junaid Khan, Hira Mani also with Faris Shafi and Qismat with Minal Khan and Zhalay Sarhadi.Since then she appeared in dramas Sangar, Qurban, Teri Meri Kahani, Bharam, Daldal and Dunk.

Personal life
Laila and Fahad married on 27 December 2008.They have one child together. Shortly after her marriage she was diagnosed with leukemia. After 6-7 years of painful treatment, she finally survived cancer.Laila’s father Rizwan Wasti died in 2011 and her mother Tahira Wasti died in 2012.She has two older brothers Rehan Wasti and Adnan Wasti.Laila’s cousin’s Maria Wasti is also an actress.