Things You Should Know About Leading Lady Durrefishan Saleem From Ishq Murshad

Things You Should Know About Leading Lady Durrefishan Saleem From Ishq Murshad

Yasir Hussain reveals when he was in Aag tv, he met a guy in lift who wear pants smaller than his size and local slippers asked him to let him met some director and so that guy was Furqan Qureshi popular actor.

Durrefishan In Ishq Murshad

Ishq Murshid unfolds a compelling romantic story revolving around the two main characters, Shahmeer Sikandar and Shibra Salman. Shibra is a headstrong, intelligent and self-less girl, unwavering in her principals and deeply cherishing her family values. Hailing from a modest middle-class background, she remains unswayed by material wealth or social status.

Shahmeer emerges as a enigmatic, yielding figure of affluence, having pursued his education abroad in the UK. He is from a wealthy family, however, his mother had died in his childhood leaving him with that everlasting scar, and is conflicted with his father, Dawood. His mother, Zubaida, was supposedly sick in her last remaining moments and had a caretaker hired for her, Farah. Her husband and the caretaker had an affair, and the day Zubaida found this out, she passed away. The caretaker then married Shahmeer’s father, and this, Shahmeer refuses to let go of.

When attending his best friends wedding, Faraz, he meets Shibra, demanding her change from a driver. Enthralled by her confidence and alluring personality, Shahmeer finds himself drawn to her in an instant. Shibra is also there attending her best friends wedding, Maliha.

On the wedding night of Faraz and Maliha, Shahmeer crashes into their room, and in a comedic sequence, implores to know more about Shibra by Maliha. This begins the ultimate plan between the three to get Shibra to marry Shahmeer, despite Maliha knowing Shibra’s loathing for opulence and corruption. She insists on only marrying who her father chooses.

Meanwhile, Shibra’s sister (Sukaina) is upset as she has been married with her cousin, Zohaib, for 3 years now, but because of his families greedy demands, his mother refuses to take her in as his wife.

Shahmeer embarks on an perfect scheme to capture Shibra’s heart, which involves disguising as a poor man and starting anew. This means securing employment at Shibra’s father’s office, transforming into the puzzled and sweet, Fazal Bakhsh.

Fazal Bakhsh, in the guise of acquainting with Shibra and her family members, bribes the boy who delivers lunch to Shibra’s father and takes up the work of collecting lunch from Shibra’s home and delivering it to her father every day.

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem is a newcomer to Pakistan’s entertainment scene. She has announced her career as a model and actress. If you’ve been watching dramas, Dur-e-Fishan’s first drama was Dil Ruba. When it comes to her well-known performances, she starred in a Pardes play with Affan Waheed. Her assurance when portraying a variety of personalities in plays sets her apart as an actor. Seldom do performers enter the public eye at this point in their careers. It is a blessing that Dur-e-Fishan, in the second year of her professional acting career, is highly popular. The gifted actress practices law in addition to her career as a showbiz performer. Are you interested in learning more about Dur-e-Fishan? Now let’s look into Dur-e-Fishan’s biography.

On August 14, 1991, Dur-e-Fishan was born in Karachi. Regarding her schooling, she has earned her legal degree. In addition, the youthful Dil Ruba actress has a younger sister and two younger brothers. Aiman from Pardes, the actress, is five feet and six inches tall, for those who are curious.
The gifted actress studied for her law degree in London for a while. She graduated from the University of London with an LLB. For those who don’t know, Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani both attended this same university. Remarkably, three alumni from the same college choose to work in the same field.

Saleem Ul Hassan is the name of Dur-e-Fishan’s father. Saleem was the PTV channel’s drama director and producer in the past. Saleem Ul Hassan’s eldest child is Dur-e-Fishan. In terms of her mother’s situation, she is a housewife.

Following her graduation, the Pardes actress entered the performing profession. Her interest in performing started early, as she is the daughter of a PTV director. She eventually achieved her goal of becoming an actor, something she had always desired. She portrayed Sanam’s older sister, played by Hania Amir, in her drama debut, Dil Ruba. For her part in the drama, she got a lot of good praise.

She starred opposite Omer Shahzad in the drama “Bharas” following Dil Ruba. Her performance captured the hearts of the audience once more.

Pardes is the main project of Dur-e-Fishan. In the drama, she portrayed Aiman opposite Affan Waheed. She contributed significantly to this project and was well-received.

How Kashif Mehmood and Dur-E-Fishan Saleem Are Related

This is what Durre Fishan reveal during her interview


“My father’s friend, Kashif Mehmood, and I have always been connected to his family since we were young,” the woman stated. “He referred me to give some auditions happening in Karachi.” My parents decided to transfer me from Lahore to Karachi after he recommended me, and I auditioned for practically every production company.