Veteran Actresses Who Have Survived Incredibly Tragic Pasts

Veteran Actresses Who Have Survived Incredibly Tragic Pasts



Painful Story Of Qaiser Naqvi Can Bring Tear In Your Eyes

In this interview Qaiser Naqvi telling how her legs got paralysis.

Qaiser Naqvi was suffering from some ailment which mainly affected her legs which the doctors were unable to diagnose. She also said that although Qaiser Naqvi had given so many years to the entertainment industry but she never got a single award.

The seasoned actress was unable to continue acting which was her passion because of her health. Qaiser Naqvi said that she took her acting very seriously and she wanted to start acting so her fans should pray for her speedy recovery. She also shared her experience with top doctors and hospitals which wasn’t very good. She said that the doctors charge huge amounts but they do not even give the patient more than 2 or 3 minutes of their time. She said that she had been to all the best hospitals but they were unable to diagnose her problem.

When  Reel Life Become Real life


Bindiya was first married to a Palestinian/Jordanian pilot Muhammad Al-khumaish in 70’s. Al-khumaish went missing after some years of marriage and never returned to Pakistan.So Bindiya ended the marriage with the court order. This unexpected end of her marriage leaves her in trauma.

Bindiya’s second marriage was with a Pakistani TV/stage artist Asad in 1991, after which she moved to USA. She had a son from second marriage but it ended on divorce note. now She is  married to American Pakistani doctor Zafar Ibrahim in USA.

Model Vaneeza Ahmed is niece of Bindia. Once Bindia reveal in her interview that her brother never want her to become an actress . Even they oppose her decision of joining lollywood. Bindia started her career as news caster on PTV and soon turned actress.


Ayesha Khan Senior actress and elder sibling of Khalida Riyasat

I remember somewhere i read Ayesha Khan senior’s interview. In that interview she said that ” i hate Lahore city because it give my sister so much pain and i cannot forgive this city ” . Ayesha Khan was actually talking about her sister Khalida Riyasat, Who died due to cancer.  Unfortunately i cant read the other portion of her interview as other details were written there.  Before her death she disappear from television.

The 22th death anniversary of veteran television actress Khalida Riyasat was observed last month . Khalida Riyasat was a diligent actress, one who possessed noteworthy talent and capable of providing exceptional performances on-screen. She was born on 1st January 1953, Khalida first starred in the drama ‘Naam Daar’ during the 1970s. She was also sister of a famous actress Ayesha Khan. She along with Uzma Gilani and Rohi Bano dominated TV dramas in 70s and early 80s. She died on August 26th, 1996 at the age of 43.