Well Known People Who Harass And Humiliate Famous Females Will Give You Shock

In 2007 Moin Khan was arrested by Karachi police for beating his wife and former stage actress

check out whole story actually what happened

Former cricketer Moin Khan’s wife had him arrested late Monday night for physically abusing her while he was drunk. She called Madadgaar ‘15’ for rescue who took him into custody, but he was released on bail later in the day.

the incident took place around 2am and Moin Khan was heavily drunk when he beat her. As narrated by his wife, Tasneem, Moin also attacked the police officials who had come to arrest him.

Accusing her of having illicit relations with men in his absence, he first verbally abused her and then started beating her severely. Unable to talk properly due to the bruises she suffered, she told The News that this was not the first time Moin had physically abused her.

“He usually beats me whenever he is drunk but last night it just got too much,” said the battered woman who further revealed that her left shoulder joint was dislocated during the beating. Moin Khan was released on bail on Tuesday afternoon but he did not return home.

Instead, he sent his friend to collect his clothes and other belongings from home who informed Tasneem that Moin was moving out.

“I am not at fault and honestly I don’t care if he returns or not. I cannot put up with this abuse any longer,” she said, adding that sooner or later she would file for a divorce.

Unaware of her husband’s sources, Tasneem said that her husband usually accuses her of hanging out with men and abuses her, especially when drunk, without any provocation. The former TV and stage artiste further disclosed that she had given up her career for the sake of her marriage and after repeated accusations from her husband she now plans to reconsider things.

“My story is no different from several other women’s who have been victims of domestic violence. It’s just that in our country if a woman is tortured by her husband she has no right to say anything. It is unfortunate,” said Tasneem.

well 11 years ago this incident happened but today everything is fine as moin and his wife are living happily and their son Azam Khan is trying to make place in national cricket team.