Well Known People Who Harass And Humiliate Famous Females Will Give You Shock

Pakistani director and actress Reema Khan’s husband Dr Tariq Shahab had spent one night behind the bars in USA for torturing his ex-wife named Maria.

Reportedly, Dr Tariq Shahab has tortured his ex-wife Maria many times that compelled her to file a complaint against him in police station for which Dr Tariq Shahab was put in jail for one night.

After returning home from jail, Reema Khan’s husband Dr Tariq Shahab is continuously threatening Maria due to which she has asked for divorce. But according to Dr Tariq Shahab, he will hire a best lawyer and will not give anything to Maria after divorce.

Pakistan’s versatile actress Reema Khan who recently got married to American national Dr Tariq Shahab in Virginia, USA had claimed that her husband Dr Tariq Shahab was just formally wedded eight years ago and divorced his wife…