Actress Juggan Kazim brings her daughter to the set of the show

Actress Juggan Kazim brings her daughter to the set of the show

Juggan Kazim, a name synonymous with charisma and talent, is a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Born in Lahore in 1981, she began her journey in the media spotlight at a young age, starting as a child model at the tender age of 4.

Juggan’s professional career blossomed in Toronto, Canada, where she established herself as a successful model. Her stage name, “Juggan,” quickly became a household name, recognized for its association with grace and elegance.

Beyond her captivating presence, Juggan is a versatile artist. She has starred in numerous Pakistani and Canadian films and television shows, leaving her mark on projects like “Pink Ludoos,” “ShahJahan,” and “Khirki.” Her acting debut in the Pakistani drama serial “Mehndi” in 2005 marked the beginning of a successful career on the small screen.

Juggan’s talents extend beyond acting. Her charismatic personality and engaging hosting skills have made her a sought-after host for popular morning shows, talk shows, and award ceremonies. Her ability to connect with audiences and command the stage has earned her recognition and awards for her hosting prowess.

Juggan’s influence extends beyond the entertainment industry. She is a brand ambassador for Garnier Fructis Pakistan and actively supports various philanthropic causes, advocating for child education, women empowerment, and healthcare initiatives. Additionally, she connects with fans through her YouTube channel, sharing vlogs and lifestyle content.

With a mixed heritage of Pakistani and Scottish roots, Juggan embodies the spirit of a global citizen. She is married to Feisal H Naqvi and continues to be a shining star in the Pakistani entertainment landscape, inspiring audiences with her talent and dedication.

Juggan Kazim, a renowned actress and host from Pakistan, has appeared in numerous dramas throughout her career and holds the record for hosting the longest live hours on PTV’s morning show. Known for her openness about her personal life, Juggan Kazim frequently shares various aspects of her life with her audience, including her children and daughter Noor Bano, whom she features in her social media posts. During a recent appearance on PTV for her show, Juggan’s daughter Noor Bano joined her on set, enjoying herself while her mother worked. Below are some images capturing the special moments shared by the mother-daughter duo during their time together.