In An Instagram Post Mamya Shajaffar Reveal That She Is Married

In An Instagram Post Mamya Shajaffar Reveal That She Is Married


Mamia Shajaffar, also recognized as Maham Shahid Jaffar Khan, was born and currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a renowned Pakistani personality involved in modeling, influencing, acting, dancing, and entrepreneurship in the fashion and theater industries. Holding a degree, she is the daughter of Salman Shahid Khan and a homemaker mother. Mamia embarked on her career as a model and made her debut in the drama series “Meesni” in 2023, portraying the lead character Sahira alongside well-known actors Bilal Qureshi and Arsalan Asad Butt. Her notable appearances also include “College Gate” (2023) on Hum TV as Annie and “Jhok Sarkar” (2023) in the role of Noori.


Maham Shahid, also known as Mamya Shajaffar, is a rising Pakistani model and actress. She gained prominence for her role in the popular soap opera “Meesni” on Hum TV, where she portrayed a double role and played the main lead characters. Her on-screen chemistry with Bilal Qureshi was well-received by viewers. Maham is passionate about art, particularly dancing, acting, and painting. Known for her bold and fearless personality, she has also appeared in “Jhok Sarkar” and “College Gate.” Currently, fans are appreciating her performance in the drama series “Jaan SE Pyara Juni” on Hum TV. Maham Shahid is happily married to Farooq Gul, a photographer, creative director, and designer.



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During a recent conversation with Fuchsia magazine’s host Rabia Mughni, Mamya shared insights about her marriage and revealed the reasons behind her decision to tie the knot at the age of twenty-five. In a discussion, Mamya Shajaffar shared, “I believe I made the right choice by getting married at the age of twenty-five. It wasn’t a hasty decision. We had been in a relationship for three years while studying together. The decision to marry was influenced by my mother’s strictness; she would insist I return home by 10:00 pm, which I found restrictive. Eventually, she suggested marriage. At twenty-five, I made the decision to marry. I asked Gul to bring his mother, and within ten days, we had a simple nikah ceremony. Our reception took place at Fairy Meadows. Although Gul and I contemplate having a grand wedding, we cherish the beautiful reception we had at a stunning location.” Mamya Shajaffar also praised her mother-in-law, describing her as a supportive and caring individual.



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