Amber Khan’s Candid Talk About Life

Recently actress , host and model Amber Khan appear on Nazia Malik’s show for interview.

Amber Khan was only 20 years old when she got married, and she is a very kind-hearted person. In an interview, Amber Khan revealed that she wanted to become a doctor and her medical score was 69 percent, but the requirement was 70 percent, so she couldn’t become a doctor. Talking about her husband, Amber mentioned that even after divorce, she maintains a good friendship with her former in-laws who live in America. Amber shared that her daughter Anum went for auditions, but the organizers offered Amber a role, which marked the beginning of her showbiz career. Additionally, Amber’s ex-husband used to say to her, “Earn for yourself first, then you will know.”


Amber Khan says that girls should embrace their talents, as she believes that when you earn for yourself, it boosts your confidence. She states that every person has a different nature and she salutes the showbiz industry for supporting her and acknowledges that she is currently working as a beautician, all thanks to showbiz. Amber shared that as a single mother, she has never been depressed and her only worry is the electricity bill, which she mentioned with a smile. Amber now relies solely on Allah and believes that Allah only sees intentions. She mentioned that when her youngest daughter was 6 months old, she was already working in showbiz.

Ambar Khan share black magic role in her life’s hurdles

Amber mentioned that people have performed black magic on her. According to her, once a woman came to her salon, left a piece of paper behind, and when Amber investigated, she found out that some strange symbols were written on the paper, which are used for black magic. Amber mentioned that she did not know who that woman was, and according to her beliefs, the black magic continued for 11 years, but after 11 years, the truth came to light. Amber shared that only Allah supported her during that time.

Amber mentioned that she received a court notice to vacate her house, and according to her, miracles happen. Amber shared that her house was very large, around 500 square yards. She believes that Allah sent angels to help her vacate the house in a very short time.

Amber recalls her young age and mentions that she used to be very patient and would not speak up, even tolerating her husband as her mother advised her to speak up. Amber said that there came a time when she started speaking up, and she mentioned that now if anyone talks disrespectfully to her, she does not tolerate it, not even if children misbehave with her.