“Chand Kay Paar”: A Captivating Premiere Airing On Mun TV

“Chand Kay Paar”: A Captivating Premiere Airing On Mun TV


In a much-anticipated debut, Mun TV’s latest drama, “Chand Kay Paar,” written by the talented Farhad Qaimkhani and directed by the visionary Kashif Jaffery, made its captivating premiere this Thursday at 9 PM. The inaugural episode of this spellbinding drama introduces viewers to the enigmatic Rafey, played by the gifted Ayaz Samoo, as he navigates the labyrinth of love, dreams, and destiny.

As the curtains rose on the premiere, audiences were immediately drawn into Rafey’s world—a disillusioned rock star seeking solace in a spiritual connection that promises redemption and meaning. Farhad Qaimkhani’s nuanced writing skillfully unveils the layers of Rafey’s character, setting the stage for an emotional journey that transcends the ordinary.

Caught in the crossfire of Rafey’s tumultuous life are two distinct figures representing divergent dreams and aspirations. Neelo, portrayed with grace and charm by [Actress’s Name], embodies the yearning for a glamorous life intertwined with the rock star’s charisma. On the other hand, Maryam, with innocence and determination, seeks Rafey’s approval to fulfill her father’s expectations in a world that demands purity and virtue.

The first episode of “Chand Kay Paar” unfolds as a tapestry of emotions, exploring the intricate threads of love and destiny that bind the characters together. Kashif Jaffery’s visionary direction brings to life the contrast between the glitzy world of fame and the serene path of spiritual awakening, creating a visual spectacle that resonates with the audience.

As Rafey’s life takes unexpected turns, viewers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster, questioning which path his destiny will ultimately follow. The drama promises to be more than just a scripted narrative—it is a poignant exploration of human connections and the unpredictable journey of life.

“Chand Kay Paar” invites audiences to witness a celestial drama that goes beyond the typical tropes of television storytelling. The magnetic allure of Ayaz Samoo’s portrayal of Rafey, coupled with Farhad Qaimkhani’s brilliant narrative and Kashif Jaffery’s visionary direction, sets the stage for a drama that promises to capture hearts and minds.


If you missed the debut episode, catch the subsequent episodes of “Chand Kay Paar” every Thursday at 9 PM on Mun TV. As the drama unfolds, it will continue to explore the complexities of love, dreams, and destiny, offering viewers an extraordinary journey into the hearts and souls of its characters. Join us in experiencing the magic of “Chand Kay Paar” as it continues to weave its enchanting tale on Mun TV


First episode was all about young girl Neelo’s dreams and desires of getting married to a prince charming. The girl is inspire by heroes of today including Imran Abbas and Fawad Khan, Lucky a handsome hunk Rafay studies at her university and famous for his singing skills.

Girls are crazy for Rafay Khan as he has that charisma everyone wants. Neelo in her dreams always thinks about Rafay and consider herself blessed to see Rafay in reality. It seems like there is some strategy working in her mind that how she can get closer to Rafay.On other hand Neelo’s cousin Khurram show his interest in her but Neelo never give value to her cousin and always try to insult him without getting hesitate.


In another scene we see when Neelo invited Khurram to discuss something very important about her life, When they met in a park Neelo openly tell Khurram that she don’t want to get married to him and Khurram forgot about her.

Her friends also try to convince Neelo that she should not think about Rafay as he is beyond her reach but still there is  a hope in her eyes. Lets See what is going to happened in next episode of Chand Kay Paar new sereis on Mun Tv.