Chand Kay Paar Episode 2 Review

Chand Kay Paar Episode 2 Review

In the enthralling drama series “Chand Kay Paar,” embark on a journey alongside Rafey, a disillusioned rock star yearning for solace through a spiritual connection. Trapped amidst the aspirations of Neelo, who dreams of a glamorous life with him, and the innocence of Maryam, drawn to Rafey in her quest for her father, the narrative intricately weaves the threads of love and destiny. The storyline explores the intricate threads of love and destiny. As Rafey’s life takes unexpected turns, viewers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster, wondering which path his destiny will follow. Chand Kay Paar is more than just a drama; it’s a poignant exploration of human connections and the unpredictable journey of life.

In first episode we witness how a small town girl Neelo lives in her dreams and expects to have a fairy tale type of married life. Neelo who want to get hitched with Rockstar Rafay Khan and refuse her cousin Khurram’s proposal and humiliate him in public place. In second episode Khurram tells his mother about not getting married to Neelo and he requests his mother do not not ask anything , his heart breaking dialogue win hearts

”Aankho ka kia hai ami , Aankhe to wo hee dekhna chah ti hai jo hum dekh na chah te hai.”

Khurram avoid to tell the truth to his own mother and took all the blame as he was forced by Neelo during that Park scene where Neelo just ordered him not to disclose that it was Neelo who rejects Khurram. In next scene Neelo’s brother  confront Khurram about rejecting Neelo. Khurram’s sis in law emphasize that she believes its not only Khurram’s decision. Neelo’s big brother  in no mood to forgive Khurram and His mother. He challenge Khurram that under one he will make his sister marry to someone who is batter than him.

Khurram share what his uncle said to him during his meeting at Neelo’s house and Khurram’s mother advice him to rethink about his decision and ask him that if he want to marry Neelo so they have  time and still can convince her brother but  Khurram  don’t want to give any hope to his mother so he just answered no .

On other hand Rafay Khan turned out to be a spoil brat ,  who injured an old man  by hitting him with his car . It shows the real character of Rafay Khan a typical stubborn rich guy. One scene expose his true nature.

It seems like Rafay Khan himself a character with many shades, unhappy with atmosphere at home and hates his father. Got slapped by mother for misbehaving with his father after returning back to home. Rafay Khan who was not in his conscious unable to speak in front of his mother.

2nd Episode gives fresh air of breath with entrance of second lead Mariam played by Aliza Ejaz,  turned out to be daughter of old man got hit by Rafay Khan. Rafay Khan soon realize his mistake and  come to that old man’s home to seek forgiveness . At old man’s house Rafay Khan saw glimpse of  Mariam who hide her face. It seems like its just a beginning of a love story as Rafay looks so impressed with Mariam’s shyness.