Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Married To Their Relatives

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Married To Their Relatives

82.5% of the parents in Pakistan have been found having a blood relation till the third generation. It means that they have either married a cousin or someone close in the same family.Take a look at some Pakistani celebrities who married their own cousin.


Areeba Alvi And Uzair Alvi

Areeba Alvi daughter of Shahood Alvi is married to her relative as Uzair Alvi is cousin of Areeba Alvi’s mother, Uzair belongs to same bratheri from which Shahood Alvi comes. They reveal about this while giving interview to Nida Yasir on Eid special show.

Sarah Razi And Umair

Sarah Razi recently got married to Sumair, who is her first cousin . Sumair is son of Sarah ‘s eldest Khala. umair is banker by profession and it was arrange marriage. Sarah’s mother belongs to urdu speaking family and her father is Pathan. Sarah’s husband said in his interview that he allow Sarah to work in showbiz if she want to continue.

Shahid Afridi

Pakistani Cricket Team Captain Shahid Afridi married her Uncle’s daughter, Nadia. When Shaid was young many girls want to marry him . But his parents want his life to come on track so they decide to let him married at young age. Shahid’s wife has not give any media appearance , no one has ever watch her wife’s face.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shirin Begum

Shirin Begum, who was the first wife of Bhutto . Shirin Begum was married to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, her cousin, in 1951 when Mr Bhutto was 23-year-old and was studying in Bombay.She returned to Naudero when Mr Bhutto left for London for pursuing higher studies. Since then, she remained there.She had no child but adopted a girl Lubna, who is working at present in Saudi Arabia. She died few years back.

Laila Zuberi

actress Laila Zuberi is married to her cousin. She has two daughters and she is legend of Pakistani dramas. People love her for her acting in dramas. She was 80’s most amazing actress

Babar khan And Bisma Khan

Babar Khan is a popular TV actor of Pakistan. His first wife Sana Khan died in a car accident. Babar Khan was in Limelight when he married his cousin Bisma Khan who is a student of 9th class. Babar is now father of two kids one son and daughter . After getting married he over come his pain of loosing Sana . Babar is again active in showbiz now and working in dramas .

Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi is a Pakistani morning show host and TV presenter. She get divorce from her husband Waqar Wahid in 2012. In 2015, she married her businessman cousin, Adnan Lodhi.Adnan is settle in South Africa . Shaista has three children from first husband . Her chacha and chachi insist shaista to marry their son Adnan.

Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan

There is no Galaz and Qawwali Lover who have not heard of the name ‘Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan’. He was very famous during his time. He married his cousin Naheed Nusrat who was his uncle’s daughter.

Saeed Anwar

This Pakistani batsman married his cousin sister Lubna Anwar in 1996. Saed is engineer by profession and past cricketer. Saed ‘s wife is Doctor. These days Saed is running Meat One food frenchise.

Muneeb Farooqui and Dr Bushra

Very few people know that famous anchor Muneeb Farooqui is married to his cousin. They have one son. Muneeb is famous journalist and very competent lawyer . Unfortunately we dont have photo of Bushra Muneeb .

Aly Khan And Chandni Saigol

Aly Khan’s wife is his cousin. Aly born in Karachi but his family settles in India. Aly returns back to Home Karachi few years back. He is cousin of Junaid Jamshed. He has worked several indian films like Don along with Shahrukh Khan.