Reason Revealed Why These Celebs Never Got Married

Reason Revealed Why These Celebs Never Got Married

Faisal Rehman tells reason for not getting married

Faisal Rehman first said that he is failed get a suitable match for him and he is very shy person in real life if some one want marry him so she should have propose him or start talking about this on her own.

woww fantastic answer by Faisal …… so tell us you are satisfied with his answer.

Jia Ali Beautiful Soul Who Sacrifice Her Life For Sake Of Family

Jia Ali tell her story why her boyfriend refuse to marry her. Jia tells in her recent interview that after death of her mother no one was ready to take care of her younger brother. She ask her fiance that after marriage she will take the responsibility of her younger as both her mother and father died. At that time Jia decide that she will not a person who dont want to help her in crisis.We all thought that these actresses are nice people but we cant imagine that how many test and trails they face in voyages of life.

Lata Mangeshkar

She is rightly called as the nightingale of India. Lata Mangeshkar, who is an inspiration to many, has remained unmarried till now.

Lata Mangeshkar had reportedly once said that she had a huge family to take care of. She has always considered her brothers and sisters as her children and the idea of marriage did not cross her mind as she was busy taking care of her siblings and her career.

Samiya Mumtaz

Samiya Mumtaz was married but she get divorce now living with her kids. When someone ask during her interview that will you marry in future so she replied ” i am already 40 year old and dont have plan get married again” back in 2010

now she 48 year old and running her own business of farming , she had two children a daughter and son.