Beauty guru Natasha Lakhani becomes emotional while discussing her responsibilities

Natasha Lakhani is a renowned makeup artist in Pakistan, known for her exceptional work with numerous celebrities. Brides eagerly anticipate her makeup services for their special day. Natasha Lakhani hails from a talented family background, being the granddaughter of Madam Noor Jehan, with her cousins also establishing themselves in various roles within the entertainment industry. In addition to her successful career, she is a devoted mother to two beautiful children, skillfully managing the balancing act of her professional and personal life, despite life’s usual challenges.

Natasha is highly engaged on social media, regularly interacting with her fans. She often receives inquiries about how she effectively balances her various responsibilities, particularly with two young children. Natasha candidly addressed this question, dispelling any misconceptions and sharing insights into her juggling act.

Natasha became emotional and posted a video of herself in tears, expressing that social media often presents an illusion. She revealed that despite having assistance, she still feels overwhelmed while balancing her business, caring for her children, and making time for her husband and extended family. Natasha emphasized that motherhood and life present challenges for everyone, urging people not to be deceived by the facade often portrayed on social media.

Natasha’s instagram post caption

One of the most resounding questions I get in my inbox everyday is how do I manage work , alongside two kids, my marriage , relationships … that it all looks seamless whilst the person writing to me feels like they’re drowning doing not enough. I put this out there this maternal mental health week to share that please don’t buy into the illusion that is social media. I have all the help in the world & even then I am overwhelmed everyday. Running a business alongside organising my children’s lives , taking out time to spend with my husband where we are not talking about our children alone , taking out time to spend with my Mother and loved ones is a challenge everyday. Motherhood is incredibly beautiful in moments but has unravelled me and boy is my nervous system dysregulated. It is both fearful and frustrating path to walk on especially in the early years when you’re trying to hold on to who you were whilst becoming a whole other person. It is true that alongside our children we are born anew too. I love both my babies for opening my heart and choosing me to be their Mama. They have both taught me more than anyone else ever has and I love them beyond belief. But boy have they also put me on a rollercoaster ride of self discovery & unlearning / relearning a kaleidoscope of habits and emotions. Here is me sharing this so next time you see “perfection” on your timeline know that behind the scenes there is so much struggle. I juggle many hats but then I equally have moments where it is all too much. This is not to mention all the things that we shall never share on social media but we deal with on a daily basis. A reminder to be kind as women to ourselves and in our judgement of other women trying their best. We all are icebergs holding so much under the surface than we allow others to see. Pat yourself on the back for making it all happen. Celebrate yourself the days you’re strong and the days you don’t want to so any of it. It’s okay to be both fragile and strong at the same time♥️