Hina Rizvi responds to the unsolved mysteries of her life

Hina Rizvi is an actress who has excelled in both theater and television dramas. She hails from a family deeply rooted in the film industry, with her elder sister Sangeeta being a prominent film actress and director who remains relevant to this day. Hina has portrayed a variety of roles and has consistently captured the hearts of audiences. Known for her charm, beauty, and talent, she recently tied the knot with theater actor Ammar Ahmed Khan, and their wedding pictures quickly spread across social media platforms.

Hina and Ammar appeared as guests on Fuchsia and discussed the challenges they encountered following their marriage, including negativity and the support they received from their fans. They also touched upon society’s double standards regarding beauty and emphasized that their focus was on their own love and understanding rather than external opinions.

Hina disclosed that she had considered losing weight for her upcoming marriage, which was scheduled for the following November. She expressed to Ammar her belief that she would look better if she lost weight, but Ammar disagreed. He reassured her that she was already beautiful and did not need to change her appearance. Ammar emphasized that their love for each other was what truly mattered, questioning why they should delay being together just to alter their looks.

Hina Rizvi Ammar & Ammar Ahmed Khan

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