Expensive gifts given by Our own celebrities  to their loved ones

Expensive gifts given by Our own celebrities  to their loved ones

Here are some ridiculously expensive gifts given by Our own celebs to their loved ones, which will leave you feeling extremely poor.

Reema Khan

A house was gifted to Reema Khan by her mother-in-law at time of her wedding . Reema also received a BMW 7-Series car from her husband as a wedding gift. I think Reema is one of the most luckiest actress of history,who get love of in every field. She live a dream life, Now she has a son , and she is living in America along with her in laws.

Atif Aslam And Sarah

Very few people know that Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana ‘s marriage was love marriage . When Sara Bharwana was in Kinnaird College Lahore ,Atif use to visit KC on regular basis. According to sources Atif has gifted expensive sports car to Sara Bharwana before their marriage . Sara ‘s class fellow tells that she was so pretty and most talented girl of college and she was sports head too

Rambo And Sahiba

Rambo gifted a house to wife Sahiba before they got married.Rambo said in his interview that he lack money to build house for Sahiba so he requested Reema Khan to help him and Reema give her 2 lack pkr to build house.Rambo’s statement”Shadi pehle Nisho jee ne aik shart rakhi thi ke ager tum Sahiba se shadi kerna chahte ho to uske lia alag ghar banaw phir mai tmhe sahiba ka hath dug, mene ghar bana shuru krdia bhet mushkilo se paise jore phir mere pass jab paise khatem ho gae to mene Reema se mang lia, aor jitne maange the us se ziada he de dia, phir mai ghar k kagzaat le ker nisho jee ke pass gaya to unhone mjhe gale laga lia aor shadi k lia haa ker di”Rambo does not want to prove that Nisho jee was a greedy person but she was concern about her daughter that why she demand for house .

Sheen Javed married to civil engineer in Lahore last year . according to news her husband’s father is close friend of former prime minister. Before marriage her in laws gift her a big house in Garden Town Lahore. Sheen has celebrate wedding anniversary , Her best friend Jana Malik was there..

Malik Riaz Gift Lavish House To former president ZardarBilawal House located in Lahore is said be a gift for Zardari from property tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain.Bilawal House is spread over some 200 kanals or 25 acres. Bilawal House is located about 1.5 km from former premier Nawaz Sharif’s palatial residence at Raiwind Road that is spread over 300 acres that has a mini zoo and is ringed by orchards and agricultural land.

Aisha Khan and Major Uqbah

Aisha Khan wears necklace worth 30 lac on her wedding , it was a gift to her from her in laws. According to news Aisha khan got this present from her in laws. it was the most expensive wedding of this year.

Bilal Qureshi And Uroosa Qureshi

After that april fool prank goes wrong for Bilal Qureshi , he realize his mistake
so he confess that his wife is hero his life. He gifted her a beautiful gold ring and bracelet.